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The 16oz Handcrafted Mug - "Cadence"

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Bold and bossy, yet elegant and classy, the General Warfield’s 16 ounce coffee mug "Cadence" is a genuine gold seal of approval. This handcrafted mug is perfect for any coffee aficionado, caffeine addict, or everyday Joe.

Molded with exceptional craftsmanship and our signature General Warfield stamp of approval, we love our 16 ounce coffee mug for all occasions and coffee buyers, however, for the caffeine sensitive this giant mug may keep you going all day. For those who prefer high test coffee, this 16 ounce mug will surely satisfy your caffeine cravings from sunrise to sunset without the struggle of keeping your eyelids open! 

Whether for cereal, soup, ice cream, a holder of goodies, or a humble meeting ground for your favorite pens and treats, this mug is large enough to serve any of your needs. But most importantly, our beautifully handcrafted and 100% lead-free mug is a holy chalice in which to safely consume your General Warfield’s 100% arabica coffee roasts.

Why not enjoy an oversized, responsibly sourced, and undoubtedly most flavorful cup of one of our freshly roasted specialty grade coffees in it? Sponsored by love, harnessed from high altitude hills and exotic farm locations, and brought to you in one convenient giant cup of Joe.

*Meticulously and carefully handcrafted by our world famous partners at Sunset Hill Stoneware.

Made in USA

Handcrafted in the USA.

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1. Water: Elevate your coffee experience by using bottled or filtered water with some mineral content, accentuating the roast's nuanced flavors.

2. Water Temperature: Achieve the perfect brewing temperature by heating water to a range of 195°F to 205°F (90°C to 96°C). This temperature range is optimal for extracting the rich flavors from our medium to medium-dark roasts.

3. Pre-Wet Filter: Enhance the purity of your brew by pre-wetting the filter. Simply pour a small amount of hot water over the filter to eliminate any paper taste, pour water out and warm your brewer for an even better extraction.

4. Grind using a burr grinder (If starting with whole beans): The grind size greatly matters for each brewing method:

- For pour-over enthusiasts, use a medium-coarse grind to ensure a steady and flavorful extraction (our pre-ground drip grind pouches are perfect for this method).

- If you prefer the convenience of a drip machine, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the best results (our pre-ground ground drip grind pouches are perfect for this).

- For other brewing methods, such as French press or Aeropress, adjust the grind size accordingly to match the equipment's recommendations.

5. Brew: For pour-over aficionados, maintain a steady pour, evenly saturating the grounds for a consistent and balanced flavor profile. If you're using a drip machine, simply follow its instructions for brewing. When using alternative methods, refer to suggested techniques for a customized brewing experience.

6. Sip and Savor: With your brew complete, take a moment to appreciate the depth and richness of your General Warfield's coffee. Indulge in the flavors and aromas crafted especially for your enjoyment.

Click FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

Addtionally, feel free to message us at: for additional questions or concerns.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Maero A. (United States)
Love it!

You can tell from my picture how much I love this mug and how general Warfield's coffee makes me feel.... it's true love.

Hahaha, we love it. Thank you!


Absolutely love it.

I am no stranger to General Warfield's Awesomess

I use this mug for literally everything, that's how much I love it. So far I've used it for coffee, ice-cream, soups and parfaits. My favourite stoneware.

Thank you so much. We are glad you are enjoying the versatility of our Cadence mug.

Let Our Customers Speak for Us...


"Wowza!... OMG!!! Aroma, texture, taste, 100%!!! Plus I don't know how, but it's so satisfying! Thank God we got a lot. Keep up the good work guys."

Eloviano's testimonial image
Lagos, NG

"My husband and I love this coffee. We especially like the Colombian, as it is very rich in flavor. We make it in reusable single serve pods and of course, our favorite, the pour over cup."

Carmen's coffee testimonial picture

"I love this coffee. I drink it everyday because it's awesome."

Testimonial picture Warnden
Hagerstown, MD

"I am a coffee drinker. This is the best coffee I ever have since long ago."

Testimonial image Lily
Phoenix, AZ

"Love it, Love it, Love it! Absolute joy in a cup"

Jiji's testimonial image
Lagos, NG

"For someone who used to drink instant coffee, this coffee has given me a new perspective on just what coffee should taste like. I call this the great enlightenment."

Testimonial image Izzy
Houston, TX

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