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Our Coffee

Yes, all of our beans are grown at high altitude on exotic small-estate farm locations.

Yes, we only use specialty grade coffee with an SCA score of 81 or higher for all of our roasts. Depending on the roast, the score may vary, however, no roast we sell scores below 81.

Yes, we take pride in knowing all of our beans are responsibly sourced.

At General Warfield's Coffee, we're dedicated to sourcing our beans from a diverse range of small-estate farms nestled at high altitudes. Our meticulous approach ensures that each roast is meticulously selected from various regions, creating a distinct and extraordinary flavor profile.

While all our beans boast the esteemed status of specialty grade, they often hail from different farms due to our strong partnerships with cooperatives. Our commitment to quality is deeply intertwined with these collaborations.

These cooperatives handpick the finest beans, consistently achieving a grade 1 score on SCA cupping assessments – a testament to our adherence to the highest standards of specialty grade classification.

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Indeed, every single one of our roasts undergoes artisanal roasting techniques to guarantee the highest level of quality.

We pride ourselves in using only high-altitude grown specialty grade Arabica beans for our coffee.

Rest assured, every single one of our coffees is completely gluten-free. We take great care in the production process, as we never flavor infuse or use additives.

You'll be delighted to know that every single coffee we offer is vegan-friendly.

Indeed, you'll find that all our coffees are perfectly compatible with a Keto lifestyle.

All of our beans are processed by hand via wet/washed processing and natural/dry processing methods. We do not process via "Anaerobic Fermentation" or any other related fermentation processes.

An 8oz cup of our coffee generally contains around 90-100mg of caffeine.

Rest assured that every single coffee item we offer is expertly roasted and packaged in the United States, guaranteeing the utmost quality and authenticity.

To ensure prolonged freshness, each General Warfield's Coffee pouch undergoes nitrogen flushing.

Absolutely, it should be emphasized that nitrogen flushing is exceptionally safe and highly recommended.

To safeguard the quality and flavor of your freshly roasted coffee, we utilize high oxygen barrier film in our packaging. This ensures optimal protection against oxidation and extends the longevity of your coffee.

Yes, all of our pouches include degassing valves positioned at the rear of the pouch to prevent the accumulation of gas.

All of our coffee roasts are carefully roasted and packaged in an FDA registered and approved facility.

Because we only roast in small batches, we roast anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds at a time depending on demand. This is to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.

The facility holds various certifications such as USDA & WSDA, Organic, Kosher Check, BPI Compostable, and Fair Trade. It is also registered and approved by the FDA.

Coffee Storage

For optimal coffee storage, keep it in a dark, dry location away from light, sealed airtight at room temperature (between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Additionally, remove any excess air from the bag through the valve after opening.


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