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General Warfield drinking coffee

At the Heart of General Warfield’s Coffee is a Love Story:

Visual representation of General Warfield's specialty grade coffee rooted in love and history

At the heart of General Warfield’s Coffee is a story of love, resilience, and a remarkable journey from the battlefields to the coffee fields. Our brand is inspired by the fictional General Warfield, a character renowned for his boldness, class, and compassion. Choosing peace and love over war, he embarked on a new mission with his wife to explore the world of coffee. This narrative mirrors the real-life story of John and Onome Warfield, who, despite being oceans apart due to the pandemic and political challenges, never lost faith in their love or their dream. Their unwavering commitment to each other and their business is what makes General Warfield's Coffee not just a brand, but a testament to the power of perseverance and unity.

During a time when the world stood still, faced with the uncertainties of a pandemic and the complexities of international politics, John and Onome's separation across continents tested their resolve. This period, though challenging, underscored the essence of what General Warfield stands for—boldness in the face of adversity, the class in maintaining dignity and respect, and compassion towards each other and their community. Drawing strength from their fictional muse and their unwavering love, they continued to operate General Warfield's Coffee, bridging distances with their passion for coffee and shared dreams.

Now reunited in Maryland, they bring a unique blend of courage, love, and dedication to every cup of coffee they offer. This journey from being apart to working side by side in Maryland is a cornerstone of their brand, symbolizing that together, they are unstoppable.

"Our journey, much like General Warfield's, is a testament to what can be achieved when love leads the way. From battling separation to brewing the finest coffee, we stand together, dedicated to offering you not just a product, but a piece of our heart, our history, and our relentless spirit. Join us in savoring a cup of coffee that's brewed with passion, resilience, and the joy of rekindled unity."

Rooted in History, Brewed with Passion

Artistic visual representation of General Warfield's coffee brewed with passion

At the heart of General Warfield’s Coffee lies more than just a love story and great brews—it's also deeply connected to Maryland's rich history. Located in the heartland of Civil War tales, our origins are intertwined with the resilient spirit of Marylanders and generals who once tread the same grounds. Just as Maryland stood firm during tumultuous times, we too faced challenges, united by love and bound by an unyielding passion for the world's finest arabica coffee.

Drawing inspiration from our surroundings, every roast is reminiscent of the deep historical roots we're grounded in. Our location isn’t just a place—it’s a testament to our story, our resilience, and our commitment to excellence. As you savor each sip of General Warfield’s Coffee, take a moment to reflect on the rich tapestry of tales, both old and new, that are encapsulated in every cup.

Our journey began during a trip to East Africa in January 2020, eventually inspiring us to form General Warfield's Coffee and source high-altitude specialty beans while upholding our belief in sustainability and ethical practices. Despite being separated by borders and a pandemic, our resilience, focus, and dedication mirrored the qualities of our brand. We like to think every bean is a testament to our story, ensuring you receive the aromatic essence and palatable journey of the finest 100% arabica specialty-grade coffee.

The Quest for the Pinnacle of Coffee

Arabica cherries at high altitude

Our mission has seen us scale the heights of remote terrains, seeking out small, exotic farms cradled in the world's loftiest altitudes. But our quest isn't just about elevation. We deeply cherish our bonds with the hardworking farmers, their sustainable practices, and their ethically crafted beans—each one a testament to unmatched quality. 

Craftsmanship in Every Roast

Our artisanal roasting partners, operating in an FDA-registered and approved facility, are the alchemists behind our gold standard beans. With a shared dedication to excellence and ethical sourcing, they meticulously transform our beans into the luscious symphony of flavors that is General Warfield’s Coffee.

Every Bean, Every Sip - A Promise of Excellence

Bold, refined, and brimming with passion — every 12oz pouch of General Warfield’s Coffee offers a symphony of flavors and aromas. Crafted with love and dedication, our low-acid, specialty-grade, antioxidant-rich coffee promises unmatched quality, allowing you to savor every moment without compromising on health.

 General Warfield's coffee roasting in our roasting facility

Sustainability in Our Roots

In collaboration with farmer cooperatives, we're redefining coffee sourcing. These partnerships bolster farmer's economic stability while championing sustainable practices. From organic farming to biodiversity, we're invested in a greener tomorrow. And in our commitment to the planet, for every purchase you make, we plant a tree, at no extra cost to you.

From Crop to Cup - A Chain of Excellence and Ethics

Our beans, nurtured in small estate farms and cooperatives, pass through hands that share our zeal for quality and sustainability. Our roasters, with their artisan touch, then turn these beans into luscious blends, making their way right to your doorstep. This journey, from farm to your cup, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and ethics.

Supply chain image of how we source our beans through local cooperatives

"Our goal is to bring you great memories. We aim to provide the best tasting, healthiest, antioxidant-rich, and freshest cup of responsibly sourced joe you've ever experienced. Period." - Onome Warfield

"We offer more than a beverage; we bring to you a tale—a tale of aroma, passion, and unmatched excellence." - John Warfield

Meet the Visionaries Behind the Brew  

Co-founders John and Onome Warfield

John & Onome Warfield: More than just co-founders; they are life partners, dreamers, and the heart of General Warfield’s Coffee. Their remarkable journey, from the inception of a shared dream in Maryland, USA, in August 2022, to overcoming the steep challenges of entrepreneurship, exemplifies their dedication to excellence, love, and a vision that extends beyond the coffee cup.

John Warfield

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A Renaissance man, John's journey from a dedicated researcher in HIV and cancer prevention to a connoisseur of coffee culture showcases his diverse interests and expertise. His passion for family, biology, blogging, basketball, and the art of coffee brewing enriches our brand with a unique blend of knowledge and innovation.

Onome Warfield

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Born in Nigeria, Onome brings a wealth of knowledge in business management and a keen eye for design to General Warfield’s Coffee. Her dedication to family, health, and exploring the world informs our brand's commitment to authenticity, warmth, and a global perspective on coffee culture.

Together, they have not only crafted exquisite coffee but also a brand that stands for sustainability, community, and the pursuit of happiness through simple pleasures. Their vision for General Warfield’s Coffee is not just about offering a product but creating an experience that brings people together, one cup at a time.

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