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"As the sun peeks over the horizon, a dance of steam spirals upwards from my morning cup of coffee, acting as my muse. I'm John Warfield, an aspiring artist and the proud owner of General Warfield's Coffee. Over the years, I've discovered the intimate bond shared between a brew and the spark of creativity, a secret many artists and writers cherish."     - John Warfield


Every artist has a muse. Some find inspiration in landscapes, turbulent relationships, or past memories. Yet, there's an underappreciated muse: the aromatic allure of coffee. This silent partner has fueled creative endeavors from early morning sketches to late-night writings.

Historical Ties: Writers and Their Coffee Affairs

Take a moment to travel back to Paris in the 1920s. The heady aroma of freshly brewed coffee enveloping cozy cafes, where legends like Hemingway and Fitzgerald passionately discussed their next masterpieces. These literary giants were no strangers to the coffee that many artists and writers swear by. Balzac, for example, reportedly drank close to fifty cups a day while penning his "Human Comedy." Whether it’s the romantic atmosphere of coffee houses or the stimulating effects of caffeine, one thing’s for sure: coffee has long been the drink of choice for many creators.

The Neuroscience Behind Coffee and Creativity

There's a reason why so many artists swear by their daily brew. Here's what the science says about the relationship between caffeine and creativity. 

It's not just anecdotal; here's the science:

  • Adenosine Receptor Blockade: Caffeine works primarily by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain. By doing this, it leads to increased alertness and wakefulness [1].
  • Increased Dopamine Release: Caffeine also boosts the release of dopamine, often linked with pleasure, reward, and motivation [2].
  • Enhanced Concentration: Caffeine can help improve focus and concentration, which might be beneficial for some artistic tasks [3].
  • Altered Brainwave Activity: Caffeine can influence brainwave activity, increasing beta brainwave activity associated with active, analytical thought [4].

However, the art lies in balance. While a cup or two can boost creativity, too much can be counterproductive, so moderation is key.

Personal Stories of Inspiration

On a cold Maryland morning, I found solace in a steaming mug of coffee. It fueled my artistry, turning a blank canvas into a detailed hand sketch. My trusted medium-dark roasts often accompany deep contemplative pieces, while light roasts inspire vibrant landscapes. But it's not just about my preferences; countless artists have their own coffee tales, showcasing its impact on creativity. Nevertheless, here is a photo of an old sketch of my hand done while drinking coffee (enhanced for clarity):

Drawing of left hand done while drinking coffee

The Perfect Brew for Deep Thoughts and Creativity

Now, every artist has their preference. For me, medium-dark roasts with their deep flavors often accompany my intense, contemplative pieces, almost like a trusted friend who sits by my side during those introspective moments. Light roasts, with their bright and fruity notes, are my companion on days when I paint lively, vibrant landscapes. But General Warfield’s medium roast single-origin Colombia is versatile, perfect for every shade of my creative mood.

The Rituals

The act of making coffee is its own form of art, setting the tone for a day of creation. The sensory experience — grinding beans, inhaling the aroma — prepares the mind for imaginative endeavors. Beginning any artistic peice for me always begins with a freskh cup of coffee. 

Artistic Pairings: Coffee and Mediums

Pairing the right coffee with an artistic medium can elevate the experience. Oils pair with strong espresso, while watercolors harmonize with a smooth latte. Some artists even paint with coffee, exploring its hues and unpredictability. 

Setting Up the Perfect Artistic Coffee Nook

It's essential to have a space where you can lose yourself in your work. My corner is adorned with sketches, quotes, and of course, my coffee apparatus. The gentle drip of a siphon, or the gurgling of a moka pot, adds a rhythmic backdrop to my creative process.

Coffee as an Artistic Medium

Have you ever tried painting with coffee? It's an incredible medium, offering a range of hues from soft beige to deep brown. The unpredictability of coffee stains adds character to every piece. Some artists have created absolute masterpieces using coffee as their sole medium. Check out some pretty amazing coffee art here.

Coffee and Collaboration

Over the years, I've taken part in numerous coffee tasting and art sessions in both Maryland and Florida. There's something magical about discussing art, life, and dreams over a shared cup of coffee. It’s an exchange of ideas, leading to collaborations that are nothing short of magical.

Celebrate Art with General Warfield's Coffee

Coffee, like art, is deeply personal and timeless. The relationship between them is a cherished secret, a source of inspiration for countless creative minds. As I savor my General Warfield’s brew, I’m inspired by the endless creative possibilities it presents. Here’s to many more cups and creations!


Coffee, much like art, is open to interpretation. It’s personal, unique, and timeless. As I sit in my studio, surrounded by canvases and coffee beans, I realize how intertwined my love for both is. And as the aroma of my freshly brewed General Warfield’s fills the room, I am reminded of the infinite possibilities that await. Here’s to many more cups and creations!

Picture of Earth drawn with colored pencils while drinking coffee


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