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Breve coffee holds a special place in the heart of any coffee lover. As the owner of the online specialty coffee shop, General Warfield's Coffee, my journey to mastering how to make Breve coffee at home was one of passion, persistence, and plenty of trial and error using my own brand. And now, I'm eager to share that knowledge, helping you craft the perfect Breve coffee right in the comfort of your home.

The Rich History of Breve Coffee 

Breve coffee's history

When I first dove into the world of coffee, Breve was a delightful discovery. The name 'Breve,' derived from the Italian word for 'short,' pays homage to the potent espresso shots that form its foundation, making it a unique entry in the history of coffee drinks. This drink beautifully combines American innovation with European coffee traditions, creating a velvety taste that's utterly irresistible.

One of the most heartwarming stories I've come across involved an elderly couple who had traveled across Europe, sampling the continent's finest coffees. Yet, for them, the Breve stood out as a harmonious blend of American creativity and European tradition.

Decoding Breve: The Creamy Dream

Woman drinking delicious General Warfield’s specialty grade coffee

The first time I crafted a Breve, the reaction was nothing short of magical: sheer bliss. With its impeccable balance of espresso's robustness and the velvety richness of cream, it was instantly adored. In essence, think of your go-to latte, then imagine it taken to a whole new level of creaminess with the best cream for Breve coffee - that's the Breve. It swiftly gained the moniker "luxury latte" among my coffee acquaintances.

Selecting the Perfect Coffee Beans

Pile of specialty grade coffee beans

The heart of a memorable Breve lies in its beans. It's a lesson I learned early on: the caliber of your beans can elevate or diminish your coffee experience.

Going Specialty-Grade:

Finding the best coffee beans for Breve coffee is crucial; specialty-grade beans are a cut above the rest. Representing the top 5% of coffee globally (37% in US), these beans are fresh, flavorful, and remarkably consistent. At General Warfield's Coffee, they're our signature.

U.S. Based Coffee Bean Recommendations:

Over the years, I've developed a fondness for U.S.-grown beans (think: Kona), rich in stories, histories, and distinct flavor profiles. There are many different brands that carry coffee beans perfect for making Breve. Their beans ensure a flavor continuity that truly stands out.

And here's a little insider tip: although not U.S. grown, our Organic Single-Origin Specialty-Grade Peruvian whole bean roast, is a fantastic choice for your home-brewed Breve.

    Brewing the Ultimate Breve

    Making breve coffee with General Warfield’s Colombian whole bean roast

    "Brewing is an art, and Breve demands its own set of brush strokes."

    The Coffee Grind:

    Learning the best way to grind coffee for Breve was one of my first challenges. A coarse grind yielded an underwhelming taste, devoid of those rich coffee nuances. A super-fine grind, on the other hand, introduced an overpowering bitterness. For the Breve, the sweet spot lies in an espresso-friendly grind – think fine, even, and powdery.

    The Breve Brew Process:

    1. The Espresso Shot: Start with freshly ground beans. A 30-second extraction is your goal to encapsulate all those delightful flavors without venturing into the bitter territory.
    2. The Milk and Cream: Warm your half-and-half mixture (that's 50% milk and 50% cream) to a gentle steam. Here's a nugget of wisdom from my countless trials: when frothing, angle your tool just a bit to introduce some air. This technique ensures a creamy, airy texture tailor-made for Breve.
    3. Pour and Serve: With the espresso as your base, gracefully pour the frothy milk-cream concoction over it. The result? A beverage that's lush, creamy, and downright delectable.

    As we delve into the nuances of selecting the right beans and mastering the brew, it's stories like these that remind us of coffee's true magic. Consider the experience of Mrs. Robinson, a regular at my early tasting sessions. On a particularly hectic day, she walked in, her morning having started off on the wrong foot, looking for a small escape in the form of a Breve. What happened next is a testament to the art of coffee making and the impact it can have.

    Handing her the freshly made cup, I watched as the first sip seemed to pause time for her. She looked up, a serene smile spreading across her face, and remarked, "This right here, this makes everything better." In that moment, Mrs. Robinson's day was transformed by the simple act of savoring a well-brewed Breve. Such is the allure of a well-brewed Breve!

    Exploring Beyond the Classic Breve

    Coffee types

    The world of Breve doesn't end with the classic version. Over the years, my experiments led me to some delightful variations. Here are a couple you can try:

    1. How to Make Iced Breve Coffee: Perfect for those warm afternoons, the Iced Breve retains the richness of the classic version but adds a refreshing twist. Remember to cool your espresso shot before adding it to the iced half-and-half mixture.
    2. Breve with Flavored Syrups: If you have a sweet tooth, adding flavored syrups like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut can be a delightful twist. Just a dash can transform your regular Breve into a dessert-like treat.


    Always ensure your additions don't overpower the core essence of the Breve. It's a delicate balance, but with a bit of practice, you'll nail it.


    In the world of coffee, Breve stands as a harmonious blend of American creativity and European tradition. As we've ventured through its rich history, the creamy dream it embodies, and the art of brewing, one thing remains clear: Breve is a luxury latte that transcends ordinary coffee experiences. Choosing the perfect beans and mastering the brew process are key to unlocking its full potential.

    At General Warfield's Coffee, we hold a deep appreciation for specialty-grade beans, ensuring that your Breve is crafted with the finest ingredients. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Organic Single-Origin Specialty-Grade Ugandan roast, a perfect choice for your home-brewed Breve.

    Remember, brewing a Breve is an art, and it offers room for exploration. Whether you're savoring the classic version or exploring delightful variations like the Iced Breve or flavored syrups, each cup is an opportunity to paint your own canvas of flavor.

    As we part ways, I leave you with the allure of a well-brewed Breve, capable of making everything better, just as it did for Mrs. Robinson. Thank you for joining me on this delightful journey, and may your Breve coffee experiences be as rich and fulfilling as the cup in your hands. Cheers to the art of coffee, where tradition meets innovation, and the perfect cup awaits.

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