10 Interesting Facts About Coffee

How My Wife And I Discovered 10 Interesting Facts About Coffee

Coffee is an interesting drink. People from all around the world drink it every single day, but what many don’t know is that the very cup of Joe they hold in their hands harbors many fascinating and surprising secrets. This is a short story of how my wife and I discovered 10 interesting facts about coffee that may surprise you.

How It All Started

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I remember the drive home from the bank one morning after applying for a loan we needed for our coffee business. The air was cool, fall had arrived, the trees had turned orange and red while dark blues, purples and greys created stunning contrasts that illuminated beautifully behind the mountain range by the rays of the morning sun. The only problem ailing us however was that we were digging into our own pockets to make our coffee brand a reality. We really needed a financial boost and fast. Sadly, we were denied the loan amount we so desperately needed to keep our business thriving.

Despite the bad news, I remember a warm feeling I had inside while being mesmerized by the beautiful drive home. This brought a smile to my face and reminded me that life is great after all. I suddenly couldn’t wait to get home and begin the best part of the day: drinking a cup of General Warfield's divinely aromatic single origin Colombian coffee with my amazing wife while enjoying the beauty of nature.

This warm feeling was a reminder that there are bigger things in life that matter more than money, cars, loans, etc. Often, we discover amazing secrets that have been staring right at us unnoticed for years. All we have to do is let go of the chains that bind us and let life take us where it may.

Coffee Creates Special Moments

Sometimes we have to reach deep into the dark out of our comfort zone to retrieve light and I admit, it can be quite difficult and very uncomfortable. But, in this case, sharing a delicious cup of hot medium roast specialty grade Colombian coffee with my queen during our financial fiasco was infinitely worth more than any loan or man-made hardship we felt so bound to. The coffee and loving company was amazing, and I'll never forget it. It was and will always be worth more than money, and it was all we needed. We simply let go and let our coffee tell us its secrets.

We had always known coffee is more than just a delicious drink. It is a bridge between friends, loved ones and memories. It is nostalgic and makes for great conversation. This is why we are so passionate about what we do and this is what we aim to offer as a company: great taste, great conversation and great memories. Coffee also has many mysteries and hidden secrets that my wife and I discussed that day during our conversation.

Through our discussion - and some research that morning - we discovered some amazing things about our favorite drink. Here are 10 interesting facts about coffee we discovered that brought laughter and smiles to our faces that you may not know.

Without further ado let the secrets of our discussion be revealed... 

10 Interesting Facts About Coffee:

  • The most expensive coffee in the world comes from cat poo! The name of the coffee is Kopi Luwak and comes from Indonesia. It is harvested from undigested Asian Palm Civet cat feces. The price tag for this coffee? Around $40-$100 per cup and $100 - $600 per pound. This coffee has been described as tasting like caramel and chocolate. Not too bad for poo!
  • There are only two main types of coffee beans, but four in total. The two most common are Arabica and Robusta. The other two less common are Liberica and Excelsa.
  • Coffee was originally discovered by a goat herder in Ethiopia. This herder observed his goats eating coffee cherries and noticed a significant change in their behavior. Consequently, monks in the area took notice and started to consume the beans in drink form. It is said they stayed up all night praying due to their high caffeine intake.
  • Coffee was once eaten by East African tribes by grinding the cherries, adding animal fat then rolling them into chewable balls to eat.
  • It is well known that Americans love coffee. We spend an average of $1,000 per year on this amazing drink which equates to about 3 cups per day. However, per capita, the people of Finland take the prize by consuming at least 8 or 9 cups of Joe per day!
  • Recent studies have shown that daily coffee consumption of 2-6 cups per day (without sugar, creamer, etc.) may be significantly linked to a reduction of certain types of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s worldwide. It is thought the antioxidants found in this drink may play a role in these findings.
  • Coffee may lower the risk of severe depression due to its anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and microbiome-promoting effects.
  • No matter the roast, coffee contains the same amount of caffeine per bean, however, when measured by weight, after the roasting process, darker roasts will have slightly more caffeine. This is true because darker roasts lose water weight during the roasting process making them smaller, yet they still maintain the same caffeine level per bean. On the other hand, lighter roasts retain more water, therefore are larger and slightly heavier. It requires a higher number of dark roasted beans to equal the same weight as the lighter roasts. Simply put, it takes more dark roasted beans to equal 12oz of coffee than 12oz of a light roast. Even though each bean contains the same level of caffeine, more beans are needed to fill a 12oz bag, so more beans equal more caffeine. Even so, the difference is very negligible. However, when measured strictly by volume the lighter roast contains slightly more caffeine.
  • Despite coffee being a diuretic, it will not dehydrate you due to its high water content.
  • Adding cream to your coffee will keep it warm longer (about 20% longer than without). The cream cools slower, thus trapping more heat in your delicious cup of Joe.


And so our 10 interesting facts about coffee have been revealed. While reading this were you concerned with other “problems” and “issues?” Or were you thinking about and enjoying interesting facts about your favorite drink?

Perhaps coffee’s best kept secret is the fact that it is so delicious, ever evolving and creates such great conversation that we forget everything else and enjoy the moment. That alone is one of the great secrets to enjoying life: coffee, conversation and good times. People have been enjoying its mysteries (and taste) for centuries for a reason. Coffee is therapeutic.




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